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Removal Defense

We provide defense and representation before Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), immigration courts across the United States, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (Fourth Circuit).

We represent clients at all stages of the immigration detention and removal process, including:

  • Negotiating release from ICE custody;

  • Obtaining bond before the immigration courts;

  • Advocating before the immigration courts in master calendar and individual hearings;

  • Bringing appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Fourth Circuit; and

  • Facilitating family contact with their relative who is detained or in the process of being deported and assisting them to get personal belongings to their relative before his or her departure from the United States.

Call immigration counsel immediately in the event that you or a family member has been detained by ICE or placed in removal proceedings after receiving a Notice to Appear in immigration court. It is important to act quickly because your relative may be subject to expedited removal or persuaded to waive his or her right to see an immigration judge.
If you or your relative has been detained or is in removal proceedings, do not give up hope. There is the possibility that you, he, or she may qualify for one or more forms of relief from deportation, including:

  • Dismissal of charges of inadmissibility or deportability
  • Non-LPR cancellation of removal
  • LPR cancellation of removal
  • Adjustment or re-adjustment of Status
  • Filing of a waiver for grounds of inadmissibility or deportability
  • Filing for a U visa
  • Filing for asylum or protection under the Convention Against Torture
It is important to choose an immigration law firm or lawyer that has experience with removal defense. This is a substantial area of practice and experience for the Immigrants First, PLLC. We look forward to exploring all possible options and strategizing the best defense on your or a relative’s behalf to stay in the United States and legalize status.

Foreign nationals who are “inadmissible” or “deportable” may find themselves detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and/or before an immigration judge, who decides whether they should be removed from the United States. There are many ways that this can happen, but the most common are:

  • Being an out-of-status foreign national who comes to the attention of ICE through the commission of a traffic offense or crime;

  • Applying for an immigration benefit and receiving a denial;.

  • Leaving the United States, seeking to re-enter after being out-of-status for over six months, abandoning green card status, and/or having a criminal record; and

  • Being out of status and getting picked up in an ICE home or workplace raid.